Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The race is on!

We had a great time at Goffs Park on Sunday afternoon and we have learned enough to be able to race our yachts rather than just watch them go in random directions! Peter's replacement radio had arrived and he finally got to sail his own boat (432) which seemed to be about the fastest of the lot winning several races. I'm going to have a wee look at how it's trimmed! Shhh ;) In lieu of any buoys to mark out a proper course we would simply push off from the side, sail out to and round a distant floating twig and back again- first one the touch the bank wins! No rules! I have since made a pair of bright red buoys from squash bottles ballasted to float end up with old nuts and bolt and we are all looking forward to our next race meeting! Maybe visit a local club, sorry in advance if we're a bit rowdy.