Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Rudder

You can clearly see that the old rudder was under size ( the runt of the batch of 8 that I originally cut out) when you compare it with Jake's yacht, i would not only expian why i can't complete a gybe/tack with a constant breeze but also why my boat suddenly changes direction in turbulent winds.  I  designed  the new swept back one myself , it has a mahogany center core and balsa hydrodynamic (wing  shaped) shaped sides!  You never know it might even work! It's hardly what you would call balanced! But being a Footy shouldn't put much strain on the servo ,in all this I've learned  Footys by nature need all the stability they can get! Btw my boat only looks clean because the photo is over exposed, it's actually filthy! White isn't a practical colour when you sailing in mucky ponds!
PS Have just sliced off that tip at the bottom bcz it would add nothing but drag.  I'll have to make that weight a bit more sleek at some time ....and intend to experiment with AAA batteries.

Return to Hove Lagoon

We have been sailing this summer on a pond with kind permission for a good friend but as nice as it is to have a private pond in a pretty garden on our doorstep because it is in a valley the wind is so turbulent sailing a course is near impossible. Yesterday evening Jake and I sailed again on the Hove Lagoon right next to the sea shore wit it's constant breeze, Jake's boat behaved impeccably but thorough I could trim mine to reach straight across the lagoon wit no rudder correction it wouldn't quite complete a gibe or tack, I am suspecting the fact that the rudder is slightly shorter than Jake's so I am building a new one from a mahogany off cut (from guitar making.)
The Arun Queen braved the salt water and had a go at travesing the much choppier larger lake, I'm glad I wasn't actually aboard or I'm sure I would have been sea sick! Some water did get in and I have spent some time flushing it out with tap water before any rust sets in!