Sunday, 19 August 2012

Return to Hove Lagoon

We have been sailing this summer on a pond with kind permission for a good friend but as nice as it is to have a private pond in a pretty garden on our doorstep because it is in a valley the wind is so turbulent sailing a course is near impossible. Yesterday evening Jake and I sailed again on the Hove Lagoon right next to the sea shore wit it's constant breeze, Jake's boat behaved impeccably but thorough I could trim mine to reach straight across the lagoon wit no rudder correction it wouldn't quite complete a gibe or tack, I am suspecting the fact that the rudder is slightly shorter than Jake's so I am building a new one from a mahogany off cut (from guitar making.)
The Arun Queen braved the salt water and had a go at travesing the much choppier larger lake, I'm glad I wasn't actually aboard or I'm sure I would have been sea sick! Some water did get in and I have spent some time flushing it out with tap water before any rust sets in!

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